Waterfall Sleeves

There’s something about Fall + oversized sweaters that makes me happy. Maybe it’s the fact that I can eat whatever I want in a day and no one will ever know? It could be the pumpkin spice or the oatmeal cookie candles that burn in my office everyday. No. It’s 100% the edgy pieces the top retailers come out with. Sweaters. Oversized bunches of angora and chunky knit solve everything.

The waterfall sleeve detail on this sweater is phenomenal. Not only is it neutral (as chic as it gets) but it has more than just a “wow you just ate whatever you want, and are hiding it well” look that we all have pulled off more than we can count on two hands. It’s all about structure and detail. Keep your pieces affordable while remembering the SCV rule. Sophistication. Class. Versatility. 

Another reason. The bell bottom flare. The 70s ain’t no joke when it comes to giving society a major “tbt”. If only those Donna Summer days could stick around forever. Truth be told, I don’t forsee it ending anytime soon, considering today’s hottest trends: suede, flare, choker, bell bottoms, waterfall sleeve, denim and fringe.

Make your wardrobe one to remember ✌🏼️

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