Top 5 Easy Last Minute DIY Costumes

As Halloween sneaks upon us, we all know it’s tough to find last minute costumes. Most of us dress up the weekend before to enjoy our parties and gatherings, however, when Halloween falls on a Monday….we STILL dress up! C’mon it’s Monday people.

If you are still looking for a quick costume to piece together for tomorrow, take a look at my top 5 easy last minute DIY costumes that will make your Monday feel like Friday!


 Grab a pair of bunny ears, black eye-liner and cotton balls for your tail. It’s that easy. If you don’t have time to pick up bunny ears, you can simply cut out black cardstock in the shape of an ear and tape/glue it to a headband.

Shop my rabbit look:

Red Jumpsuit HERE // Rabbit Ears HERE // Red Lips HERE // Red Chucks HERE // Velvet Choker HERE


You need a white or red t-shirt. Print out ‘NETFLIX’ and ‘CHILL’ from your computer and iron press it onto your shirt. Heat up some popcorn and you are set.


This costume was so easy to make. I took hair ties and knotted pieces of tulle around them for my wrists. For my mane, I simply tied tulle around a choker and used LOTS of hairspray for my hair. I tied my hair into two buns to create my ears (cost effective). I used lots of makeup and decals for my face. Luckily, I had a faux fur vest I used for the body of my outfit and lastly, I knotted the same tulle used above, for my skirt and tail, around a piece of elastic from Michaels. Simple.

*If you don’t have a fur vest, I suggest wearing a nude long sleeve shirt + tights.



This DIY can be done in seconds. Cut out cardstock paper to create the dog filter. You will need a Popsicle stick for the tongue. Buy flowers and/or butterflies and hot glue them to elastic for your headpiece.


I went as a scarecrow last year and it was the easiest costume ever put together. You will need a plaid shirt, fedora or straw hat, booties, black eyeliner, and pink/orange face paint for your cheeks. Pair this all with distressed jeans and you are a scarecrow.

You guys, all of these costumes are less than $20 and can be found at Michaels or Target!

Happy Halloween!

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