Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to start brainstorming for all the goodies you are about to buy your loved ones. We all know deals happen AFTER the fact, but here is a look into my favorite Holiday pieces that would make for thoughtful, stylish gifts.

What makes a perfect gift?


Make sure you are purchasing something that can be worn again and again. A statement piece is always a good idea, however, when you are purchasing for others, be sure to make it something they can wear more than once a year.


Holiday gift shopping can be expensive and add up quicker than we can count the change at the bottom of our purse. Be price conscious. Don’t overspend.


Getting the perfect gift can be tough. If you don’t know whether what you are buying will stick in the closet, be sure to purchase where there is a full return policy. My favorite place to shop where I know I am always in good hands when it comes to returns, is Nordstrom. They always take it back, no matter the outcome. Of course, as a gift, we want the end user to keep the product, but being prepared is always key.

I can almost guarantee with these 3 gift guide “must-haves” you will give the perfect gift. At least the end-user will think so.

Click images below to shop my Holiday Gift Products under $200:

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