Denim Cut-Offs

What do you look for in a pair of denim cut-offs? Is it the color of wash, the fit, the distress or even the coverage? All you problems will now be solved once I introduce these bad boys to you.

You won’t ever find a better pair of denim cut-offs, ever. The perfect fit, coverage and distress. Don’t wait because these sold out 2x before I got my hands on a pair, finally! I won’t ever wear another brand again. Yes, they’re that good.

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Blouse HERE // Shorts HERE // Choker HERE // Watch HERE // Crossbody Bag HERE // Wedges HERE // Sunnies HERE

img (4)  img (3)  img (4)  img (1)  img  img (5)  img (6).jpg

Photos: Kate Wrona

Be sure to use code ‘KYLIE25’ for 25% off your sunnies + code ‘KYLIECALLANDER’ for 15% off your new watch.



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