Hey babes! I’m Kylie Callander. Welcome to Lux About Town, a style blog influenced by top trends at affordable prices guaranteed to get your wardrobe on glam radar. When you love what you wear, your confidence grows. Do you have serious closet-envy, but can’t swing those $1000 Loubs? Lux About Town is here to give you everything you want at a price that won’t break the bank.

Adventures through the world and inspiration gained along the way. This is the life of a newly thirty, fashion-driven enthusiast, who spends way too much time in travel, work and personal style.

A few things you need to know:

1. I’m a sucker for Taco Bell. After the chili cheese burrito became a thing I was hooked…

2. My birthmark is a tiny brown dot in my right eye

3. I’m a natural brunette but get some serious hi-lights

4. I can’t drink red wine unless I want to die from a headache (or maybe it’s the barometric pressure?)

5. I take at least 5 baths per week

6. I’m a recent wifey to the hottest guy on Instagram

7. When I chew my jaw cracks

8. I went to college for Fashion Merchandising

9. I’m addicted to Trenta Sweet Black Teas

10. LUX ABOUT TOWN became its own brand when ‘Girl About Town’ was my favorite lip shade and ‘luxe’ described my taste in fashion


Enjoy the journey with me

and get crazy along the way!